FIVE years ago when Marlon Wright made the decision to start a ‘cloudbased Internet radio station’, he stressed priority airplay for emerging acts. In a recent interview with Splash, Wright said he and his team of disc jockeys have accomplished that and more since officially launching Tun It Up.com in 2011. In addition to exposing the music of artistes, such as Khalilah Rose, Jah Remz, Jamaican Carlos, Richie Innocent, Iya Ingi, Derajah and Nastic Rastafari, Wright stressed that he operates a payola-free format.

“It has worked very well; the music by these artistes is often very good. I would even say that the lyrics are often better than what I hear on most FM stations,” said Wright. “These men and women put their heart, soul and talent into their music, and you can hear it. Since many unestablished artistes don’t have access to the resources they need to enter [the] mainstream, I provide a venue where they can be heard.”

The 39-year-old Wright, who is from Whithorn, Westmoreland, credits these fresh sounds for Tun It Up.com’s over two million listeners daily. Most of them are from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe.

A benefit for the largely unknown acts heard on the station is a listener poll that guarantees the most popular songs power play.

“For example, the listening community voted French singer HOSNY GMB as one of the best singles. Therefore, we give the people what they want and play his song at least 25 times a day for two weeks,” Wright explained. “Another poll will be sent out and a new artiste will be selected for heavy rotation.”

Tun It Up.com’s current cast of disc jockeys are Gina Kay out of Nashville, Tennessee; Ajay Loaknauth aka Curry Don from Queens, New York; DJ Ripe Breadfruit, also in New York; DJ Culture Rock in New Zealand; and Jamaica-based Mixup Barri, DJ Fyah Stain, Level Up, DJ Lexx, and Howard ‘Dr Worries’ Hendricks.

Hendricks, a music industry stalwart who lives in Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth, is the most experienced of the team with 35 years on radio. Wright migrated to the United States in 1988 and later served in the army. In 2008 he got involved in broadcasting. He is principal of Cyber-Leaf Entertainment in Stony Point, New York.

Howard Campbell





Unite Universelle
Good Morning Babylones
January 30, 2015
Track list
  1. Bad Reel Situation
  2. Panthers
  3. Execute People
  4. Cherche L'Amour En Toi
  5. Rockers
  6. Courir
  7. L'Amour Rastafari
  8. Soleil De Jah
  9. Bad Reel Dub
  10. Cherche L'Amour Dub
  11. Panthers Dub
  12. L'Amour Rastafari Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
To spearhead a Roots movement in a musically rich country and keep it going for close to two decades is no easy feat. That's exactly what Good Morning Babylones has done in France. A Roots unit led by Hosny, the musically intact ensemble has released four albums of Marleyesque proportions with a fifth set ready to drop this year. In advance of the new release, the new single, "Every People" is mashing up the charts. Their 1997 debut, "Radical Fighters", topped European charts and drew instant acclaim. The album was recorded with the expertise of Wailers keyboardist Tyrone Downie(a champion of the French Roots scene) and was just the start of Hosny's link with The Wailers and other legendary musicians. There's significant importance in focusing on their sophomore effort, "Unite Universelle" (2003) because of it's true power and the utilization of premier musicians to full potential. Further albums "Rasta Rebel" (2007) and "In My Dreams" (2012) cement Hosny's credentials as a true artiste. From their beginnings in Paris in 1994, Good Morning Babylones are indeed a Roots force to be reckoned with...

"Unite Universelle" is important on many levels. The first of three albums that have a firm JA connection (Wailers 1997 tour backup singers Kali/Kate/Levy/Akiba attributed on the debut). This album features Aston "Familyman" Barrett on bass, guitars and keys. Drummies include the legend Benbow Creary and Balengola Anongy. Keys are bubbled by Keysi Sutherland (Gladiators) and Ras Tea (Jimmy Cliff). Guitars are licked by "Gibby" Morrison (Hi-Times Players, Inna De Yard), Alexandre Le Grande and Mickael Sene. The Wailers horn section of Vin Gordon and Glen Da Costa add incredible depth. Great backing vox from Kali and Luce Marie Dominique. Sessions took place in Kingston and Paris with engineering from Vincent Henry/Sean Teen and Peter Black with great mixing from wiz Timour Cardenas. Rock solid core of musicians and engineers that share Hosny's true passion and vision.

Bad Reel Situation is real! With a scorching sax from Glen Da Costa and intricate bass from Aston, Hosny truly carries himself as a messenger of JAH music. Versed in French, he prows across the muscular riddim with Marley quality power. He's not trying to imitate, just initiate Roots and Culture. Outstanding cut. Panthers continues the magic with manners and raspect. Vin Gordon's trombone adorns the great riddims alongside Ras Tea's deep keys and kicks from Mr. Abongy. Hosny's delivery is unique and the Marley mannerisms are quite remarkable. An example of how King's Music is universal; whether delivered in English, French or any tongue. Top notch production. Execute People features the mastery of Aston/Benbow/Gibby/Keysi. Masters of music indeed! Hosny humbly depicts the killing of people because of their beliefs with vivid observation. Flows like a river with streams of niceness! Cherche L'Amour shows the diversity of Hosny. Featuring the aforementioned riddim section, this is a sweet Lover's leap with angelic backing from Kali and Luce Marie. Hosny and crew have really embraced the essence of Real Authentic Sound in a graceful manner! Rockers is tight. Aston's resounding bass with Vin/Glen's horn work peppers the riddim with experience that makes this a Roots anthem. Hosny is a superior singer, writer and arranger - it really shows here. This is a man who was captured by the vibes from an early stage and it continues to grow. Heart and Soul! Courir is elevation. Hosny's powerful scatting is sweetened by an ample dose of Ras Tea, vibrant horns and Mr. Le Grande's outstanding chops. L'Amour Rastafari shows a Soulful side of Hosny with immaculate riddim section of Aston/Gibby/Benbow/Keysi/Vin and Glen. It's like the Royal honor roll of Foundation musicians! No fashion here; strictly passion! The final vocal cut, Soleil De Jah shines like a blazing fyah! Immaculate delivery and riddimwise. Lyrics to riddim intertwine just nice.

We are treated to four necessary Dubs. Bad Reel Dub is expertly dissected by Vincent Henry. Tracks are tastefully showcased with experience and vision. Aston's basswork, Ras Tea's bubbling and Mr. Abongy's taut drums are fully realized. Cherche L'Amour Dub continues the excellence with Timour Cardenas at the helm. He strips down the riddim to essentials with classic theory. Nice! Panthers Dub is tuff. Reminiscent of late '70's Wailers sessions, we are taken back to late night vibrations at Tuff Gong. Standout selection. L'Amour Rastafari is an early Dancehall excursion that Mr. Cardenas minimalizes to maximum effect. The backbone is left intact with tasteful Dub strokes brushed across with masterclass.

Good Morning Babylones' "Unite Universelle" is an ites experience to the max. One of those Roots albums that will command your attention from the first note. Hosny's unwavering passion for King's Music is undeniable and one can feel the unity of working alongside some of Reggae's foremost musicians. This album is a good picture of the capabilities of Hosny and Good Morning Babylones. Any of their albums are highly recommended; this one is a great start to explore their continual greatness. GO DEH

Check out their site: www.hosnygoodmorningbabylones.com




A chat with singer, composer and musician, Hosny
By Consciousness Magazine October 21


Singer, composer and author, Hosny, was recently interviewed by Consciousness Magazine. The prolific artist has performed with many great artist and has had his music aired on multiple radio stations around the world. Today, he is preparing  to release his 5th album. Here is what the talented musician had to share with the Consciousness Magazine readers regarding the power of Reggae Music and the insight on his new projects.

CM: What captivated you to want to be a musician/singer?
Hosny: I discovered Bob Marley’s music when I was 4 years old. I was attracted by Bob’s vibe, you know, by the power of his music and his lyrics. I’ve felt the strength of JAH RASTAFARI, this reality, the music, the message. JAH lives inside of me, so my music is powerful. I feel the roots of the music. This music has no limit. A Rastaman always gets involved in his life, because Rasta is not a joke, that’s reality.

CM: What was your inspiration behind your new song “Every People”?
Hosny: I made “Every People” naturally; I composed the music, and then I wrote the lyrics. I worked on this track for months. In this world, many things are disappointing; life is hard for many people. I want to sing to send a positive message to everyone, to tell them not to give up and to give strength and power for JAH People. “Every People” is for all countries and I have lots of new tracks coming soon! I’m very happy because of the reception I have been getting in different countries.

CM: You’re preparing your 5th album. Can you tell us a little about this new project?
Hosny: Yeah with pleasure! For now I’m preparing this new album. I wrote and composed the lyrics and music. I make musical arrangements and realization. I play all instruments except drums, but after, I’ll invite musicians to play on this album. I’ve released 4 albums; I’ve recorded 3 albums with the Wailers, Bob Marley’s musicians. Now I want to launch my 5th album in the USA. It’s a powerful Roots Reggae Music album for the world. The album is coming out very soon!

CM: As an artist, what do you believe is your ultimate mission?


Hosny:  My first mission is JAH and the continuity of the work already done by the great men and women of this world. We all live in the same world. Sometimes people feel goodness; I know there are still good people everywhere. There are always humans who make humans suffer, you know. Too many people feel and endure the scorn and it makes me sad because there are whole nations who don’t believe anymore in themselves. The story of this world is a perpetual restarting; some people haven’t learned anything from this story. There were so many wars. From generation to generation, from children to old men, we’re always living the same thing, with these dominating nations which make to doubt and exclude us from our own future.  The most important mission for a Rastaman is to unite people. Rasta doesn’t impose anything, he doesn’t force people. When I sing JAH in my songs, I talk to my brothers and sisters. We become Rasta naturally.

CM: You’ve worked with the Wailers and Bob Marley musicians. What has your experience been like working with these talented artists?
Hosny: Yeah man, it was a great experience! They are not only talented musicians, but they’re also the best musicians in Reggae Music, everybody knows that! I Respect them. Musically, they taught me many things. I also noted similarities which comforted me in my way. I’ve felt good vibes with Aston Barrett, Vin Gordon, Glen Da Costa...in Kingston, Jamaica, and in Paris too.

CM: For those readers and music listeners who may overlook the Reggae Music genre, what would you say to them in regards to what they have been missing?
Hosny:  I want to tell them that the real Reggae Music comes from the Kingdom of JAH, that’s why it’s a pure, sensitive and true music. You feel it deep inside of yourself. The real Reggae Music is hard to play. In Reggae Music there are lots of musical styles. It can be a mix of all music. This music implores also the God’s pardon for humanity. It’s an indefinite music. This music doesn’t complain, but fights for unity and for the real peace. Today, you have to fight against Babylon, against malicious people. JAH is here to block them, to stop them. Love is the best way, the positive way. I grew up like many young people in the USA and I tell them not to give up on their dreams even if sometimes they live very difficult moments. Don’t give up!

CM: Would you like to add anything in closing?
Hosny: Big Up to all of the Consciousness Magazine team and readers!I hope you’ll like and enjoy my music.My music is real and honest for everybody.  My 5th album is coming out soon, the gigs too!You can check out all information and listen to my new tracks on my website: www.hosnygoodmorningbabylones.com and social networks.







jueves, 6 de noviembre de 2014

Nuevo single del frances Hosny "Every people"


 Every peopleok


Desde Francia nos llega el nuevo single de Hosny "Every people". El cantante frances ha grabado 3 álbumes con músicos de los Wailers, músicos de Bob Marley (Aston Family Man Barrett, Vin Gordon, Glen Da Costa, Bembow Creary, etc). Actualmente está preparando lo que sera su quinto álbum



 Apr 23 2014

French Roots Rock Reggae singer Hosny chats to Lil Miss Reporter



LMR: What do you love most about Reggae?

 Hosny: What I love [the] most in Reggae is: its perfection, its purity, its musical complexity and its hardness. To be [a] perfectionist in Roots Music, to be strong musically, that’s what I love in Reggae Music. It is powerful music for the world; it’s an unimaginable power with no limit.


LMR: Have you always had an interest in the genre?

Hosny: I grew up with reggae music. When I was 4 years old, I discovered this music.There is alot of reggae music in France. Everybody in France knows this music; every kind of people. There have always been a public for this music.


LMR: Were there many reggae influences growing up in France?

Hosny: France develops reggae music for [the] French public but not internationally. Lots of Jamaican singers: like Bob Marley of course, Peter Tosh, Jacob Miller, Hugh Mundell, Dennis Brown, have introduced reggae music to the whole world.


 LMR: Tell us about your new album?

Hosny: My new album will be powerful because I’m a perfectionist. It’ll be an international album for England, US, etc. I’m preparing this album; I’m working on my new songs.


LMR: What is the meaning behind the title of the album?

Hosny: I can’t tell you the title because I’ve not finished my new album.


LMR: How would you describe the sound and the message?

Hosny: This album will be: Rastafari, Roots, modern roots, with songs to defend people, to fight for people, because the real singer’s mission is to work for the people. Reggae music gives a message, but it’s more than a message, that’s the healing of the nations. That’s the sense of my album.

I play all instruments on lots of tracks but in others I play my music with musicians. In my new single ‘So alone’, I play each instrument, except [the] drums. I do the lead vocal and backing vocals; I make arrangements and production. I find the true Roots music deep inside of me but I like to collaborate with musicians too. My message comes from the Kingdom of JAH. That’s the message of JAH Selassie, you know, to save the people, to build for the nations, to go forward and play music for the world.

That’s the work of the Rastaman, that’s my job everyday for Selassie.


LMR: What is the first single from the album?

Hosny: The first single is ‘So alone’ because the Rastaman is alone. Actually, there is a Rastafari movement but not a real solidarity between all rastamen. Even if there are lots of Rastafari brothers and sisters, lots of them don’t apply JAH’s message. That’s the problem of the movement. Like Peter Tosh said, there are the root and the leaves and that’s why I say Rastaman is alone, but he shouldn’t be. He must work for JAH Selassie with other rastamen to discuss, share ideas, create positive things in order to relieve the people, the nations.

I’ll soon release the second single.


LMR: You travelled to Jamaica to record with various artists, how did it go?

Hosny: Yes I’ve been to Jamaica to record my albums. I worked with the Wailers; Bob Marley musicians. I really love Jamaica and its people. It’s a nice country, the people are warm and respectful.


LMR: Are there any artists you would like to collaborate with?

Hosny: Yes of course, there are artists I’d like to collaborate. I asked Cat Stevens, I don’t know if he received my message, but if he reads this interview, he can contact me! There are also others singers such as Ziggy Marley.


 LMR: Did you have any expectations when you first went to Jamaica?

Hosny: Yeah I had expected that the musicians [would] play my music very well, but with the Wailers I wasn’t deceived. They are good musicians, I respect them.


 LMR: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Hosny: The highlight of my career: when I release a new album, when my music is broadcast to the people and when I make big concerts.


 LMR: What are the positives and negatives of working in this industry?

Hosny: Record companies release albums of course, but they just want to make money. That’s very difficult for reggae artists to release their music. This industry should release more albums, for every kind of music. Its job is to promote many artists. That’s not what they do but the positive thing, I think, is that it’ll change in [a] few years with the new generation of managers, A&R, modern and open to the new kinds of music. Today, everybody wants to be a singer, so there are lots of singers, but not like the artists in the past, with a musical soul, like Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Nina Simone, The Beatles, etc, you know. Musical industry should respect the artists.


 LMR: What advice would you give others who wanted to work in the music industry?

Hosny: My advice for new singers is to work hard and seriously to achieve their goal, believe in themselves and find the root of their music deep inside of them.


 LMR: Where do you see the future of reggae in France?

Hosny: I see a good future for reggae music in France. I [currently] live in France. I made 3 albums in French but today I focus on reaching people in England, the USA and the world. I want to export my music.


LMR: Did you come across any problems trying to promote reggae on the radio?

Hosny: Yeah, lots of radio stations in many countries broadcast my songs but some don’t air my music because they prefer popular music. Reggae music lives but it’s not commercial music, everyone in the industry knows that.


LMR: Which festivals will you be performing at this year?

Hosny: I won’t be performing in Festivals this year because I’m preparing my new album. I work hard and I want to launch my album internationally, but after, I’ll play concerts and tours.


LMR: What are your future plans for this year?

Hosny: My plan for this year: new video clips, a documentary about my music, the release of my album and many things. 


LMR: Which countries would you like to visit?

Hosny: I want to perform live in England,the US, Brazil, South America, etc. I’ve been to many countries but I want to visit many others to spread JAH’s message. That’s my vision, Yes I.


LMR: Complete the sentence, you know you have made it when….you play with the best reggae musicians, such as the Wailers, and when you play lots of concerts in England, USA and many countries across the world.The biggest success is the creation of my albums.

Big up England, London, Notting Hill, Brixton, all Rastamen and Rastawomen, all english people, and all Football Clubs of the first league!




Hosny Play I some Music

Posted on January 16, 2013 at 2:40 PM

Hosny is one of France's Reggae sensations.  His first album, “Radical Fighters”, launched the Reggae movement in France, and was on the top of the charts in France and in England. He recorded his second album “Unité Universelle” and his third album “Rasta Rebel” between Kingston, Jamaica and Paris with the Wailers, Bob Marley’s musicians. Check him out at the above link.







Hosny Gmb, the rockers' man

Saturday, December 01, 2012

FRENCH singer Hosny Gmb, a self-described Rockers' man, is getting ready to release his fourth album which is another serving of roots-reggae.

In a recent interview with the Jamaica Observer, Hosny spoke of his desire to perform in Jamaica which he last visited 10 years ago.

reggae-hosny.jpgHOSNY GMB... I’d love to play in Jamaica in a big festival tribute to Bob Marley

"I'd love to play in Jamaica in a big festival tribute to Bob Marley, so Jamaican people will see what is a true roots singer, even though there are great singers there," he said.

Hosny, who is in his 30s, says he has listened to reggae since he was a child. The first song he heard was Marley's Is This Love and he has been hooked to Jamaican music since, with a preference for Peter Tosh, Jacob Miller and Hugh Mundell.

For the Paris-born Hosny, waving the reggae flag in France is a challenge. He says mainstream media there is not open to roots-reggae.

"The proof of it is, I have international promotion, but not in France. Record companies, they told me 'we don't sign music talking about Jah,' whereas Bob Marley spread Jah music in the whole world," he said.

Hosny's previous albums are Radical Fighters (1997), Unité Universelle (2003) and Rasta Rebel (2007).

Most of his recordings in Jamaica were done in Kingston with stalwart roots musicians like bassist Aston 'Familyman' Barrett, trombonist Vin Gordon, saxophonist Glen DaCosta, and drummer Benbow Creary.

Although Hosny is critical of media's indifference to reggae in his country, many Jamaican roots-reggae acts from the 1970s retain their strongest fan base in France which has several reggae festivals.

Cecelia Campbell-Livingston





French Reggae Artist Hosny Is The Special Guest On This Weeks ALL AXE-S Dancehall Radio Show

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French Reggae artist HOSNY drops by the ALL AXE-S radio show this week.  Hosted by Heike Wollenweber, ALL AXE-S is a dance­hall reg­gae show fea­tur­ing spe­cial guests and all of the lat­est dance­hall sin­gles and riddims. Find out all you need to know about the new artist called Hosny! Tune in this Wednes­day, June 19th!  Showtimes: 3am, 9am, 3pm & 9pm EST.

About HOSNY: Hosny Good Morning Babylones is one of France's upcoming reggae band. The band leader is singer and composer HOSNY. His first album, “Radical Fighters”, launched the Reggae movement in France, and was on the top of the charts in France and in England.  He recorded his secondalbum “Unité Universelle” and his third album “Rasta Rebel” between Kingston, Jamaica and Paris with the Wailers, Bob Marley’s musicians




Interview with French reggae artist, Hosny

Published May 14, 2012

Hosny-2 Hosny 

This week we interview French reggae artist Hosny. He is the leader of the upcoming band French reggae band, Good Morning Babylones.  Here is our conversation with Hosny.

Question: Can you tell us about the first time you heard reggae. What was that experience like?

The first time I’ve heard Reggae Music I was 3 or 4 years old and it was Bob Marley’s song “Is this Love”. It was a very deep powerful impression inside of me, a feeling, a vibe.

Question: Was it then that you decided to be a reggae artist?

I was too young at 3 or 4 years old! After I became naturally a Rastaman. Jah decides

Question: What is life like for a reggae artist in your country (France)?

The life for a reggae Artist in France is hard. When you come from ghettos, from a tough life, like in Jamaica or everywhere in the world, it’s more difficult for us.Reggae Music makes feel the sufferings of people.

Do you do alot of concerts?

Not now because for the moment I just finished my 4th Album, I put tracks on my website to promote my new Album. I prepare the launch of this Album and after the release in September or October; I will make concerts of course.

Question: Have you performed outside your country?

Yes I’ve performed in England, Switzerland, Portugal, and Tunisia. I’ve never play in America, but I hope I will do it

Question: Tell us about your first reggae album?
I made my first Album naturally. I didn’t know I was an artist who makes powerful roots reggae music felt by lots of people.

Question: Is it in your native language, French?

It was in English, it’s called “Radical Fighters”. I make this Album with musicians like Tyrone Downie, keyboard player for Bob Marley, different musicians from London, Paris.

Question: When will your next album be released?

In September or October 2012.

Question: What first drew your attention to Reggae?

It’s music of fight, to spread Love all over the world. Its strength comes from Kingdom of JAH. Only the true Rastaman can feel it but everybody can feel the musical strength of Reggae. Reggae Music is for all the people.

Question: What was the first Reggae song you ever heard?

“Is this Love” Bob Marley

Question: Who and what are your influences?

I’ve listened lots of Reggae bands like Dennis Brown, Burning Spear, Israël Vibrations and others….  But for me Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jacob Miller, Hugh Mundell represent truly the real roots of Reggae Music

Question: What style of reggae is played often in your country?

It’s “French” Reggae. Some artists distinguish themselves from the others.

Question: Was the fact that Reggae is English and Patois a barrier? Is there French Patois..lol?

Not at all, there are any barriers in Reggae Music. There is a French patois, in the country, but we don’t use it in Reggae!

Question: Is Reggae mainstream and is it played on the radio there?

Yes Reggae Music is played on radio.

Question: How is Reggae influencing your culture?

Reggae is a culture. It’s Rastafari Culture

Question: If someone traveled to visit your home and wanted to hear reggae music what would they have to do?

It’s easy, people can look in specialized magazines, newspapers, on internet, and find different Reggae events in Paris.

Question: How would you describe your country's reggae sound and development?

Records companies and journalists are not very open on reggae music, But I think  it’s gonna be better, it’s gonna be cool.

Question: Who is your favorite Reggae Artist?

Bob Marley by the strength of his musical technic and the power of his vibes.

Question: Where do you think Reggae will be in 10 years time in your country?

I think reggae Music will always be there in France and everywhere. It will be nice.

Reggae Music is a Culture, a way of life and the Rastamen will be there forever

Question: Do you think there is anything preventing Reggae from flourishing for you and your fellow artists in your country?

Yes in every countries because Reggae Music tell the true and Babylon don’t like it!

Reggae Music is a Music of Love

Question: In some countries you might see people wearing a Jamaican-style hat with fake dreadlocks attached when they attend reggae concerts and other events. Do you see anything that you see in your country?

Of course there are lots of Rastamen in France, lots of Reggae events.France has a musical Power, Paris is a city with lots of musicians.

Question: Have you ever been to Jamaica?

Yes I’ve been to Jamaica to record my second Album and my third Album in Kingston studio, Peter Black studio, with the Wailers such as Aston Familyman Barrett, Vin Gordon, Glen Da Costa, Bembow Creary (first drummer of Bob Marley)….

And I love Jamaica a lot!

Question: Do you have many/any Jamaican people living in your country?

Yes they are some Jamaicans living in France, especially in Paris.

Question: Do you eat Jamaican food? Can you get it in your country?

Yes I eat Jamaican food, African food and French food!

Yes we can find Jamaican food in Paris! Paris is a big city, very cosmopolitan, with lots of people from all the countries.

Question: Thanks for the interview. Do you have any final words?

Big hello to all the Rastaman and all the Jamaicans. I wish them a Good Life and Good Vibes God Bless You All and I Love Jamaica. Thanks to Jamaica I’m a Rastaman

I’m also Jamaican in my heart










Découvrez le clip de Day after Day, morceau tiré du 4e album de Hosny. Sa musique authentique, moderne et rebelle, diffuse un message positif d’Amour et de Paix pour tous les peuples.




Hosny Good Morning Babylones -Day After Day (link)


Hosny,compositor, intérprete y lider del grupo de Reggae GOOD MORNING BABYLONES. Su musica es autentica, moderna y rebelde, busca difundir un mensaje positivo de amor y paz para todos los pueblos.El primer album titulado  "Radical Fighters" inicia la nueva ola de Reggae en Francia y esta clasificado entre las mejores ventas en Inglaterra.Su segundo album "Unité Universelle" y su tercer album "Rasta Rebel" fueron grabados entre Jamaica y Paris con The Wailers musicos de Bob Marley.


ARTICLE "SURF & ROCK FM" (Argentina) 

Hosny no es sólo el nombre de la banda sino también el del líder de esta banda de reggae francesa que te presentamos en esta ya clásica sección de Surf & Rock FM.

Autor, compositor e intérprete, es el líder carismático del reggae grupo Hosny Good Morning Babylones.

Su música autentica, moderna y rebelde, difunde un mensaje positivo de amor y paz para todos los pueblos.

Su primer disco, “Radical Fighters”, fue el encargado de iniciar la nueva ola de reggae francés y, actualmente, esta rankeado dentro de los más vendidos en Inglaterra.

Sus siguientes trabajos, “Unité Universelle” y “Rasta Rebel”, fueron grabados tanto en París como en Jamaica, donde participaron en la grabación los Wailers, banda que lideró Bob Marley.

Hosny Good Morning Babylones esta conformada por Hosny en voz, teclados y percusión, Frank Montegari en batería, Michael Sene en bajo, Vivi en guitarra, Christian Moor en teclados, y Kali Mamen Kamga Pascale y Marie Do Luce en coros.

Mirá el video de “Day alter day” de Hosny Good Morning Babylones












ARTICLE "Dancehallreggaeworld.com"

 Février 2012

Hosny Good Morning Babylones is one of France's upcoming reggae band.

The band leader is singer and composer HOSNY. His first album, “Radical Fighters”, launched the Reggae movement in France, and was on the top of the charts in France and in England.

He recorded his second album “Unité Universelle” and his third album “Rasta Rebel” between Kingston, Jamaica and Paris with the Wailers, Bob Marley’s musicians.

The 4th album of Hosny is now ready You can see all informations, video clips, 3 MP3 songs of the 4th Album, lots of MP3 of the others Albums, pictures HERE

Its time to start paying attention to our French neighbours it seems. Former Wailers' organ player Tyrone Downie already has, and he's but one of a number of quality musicians on show here. Keyboardist Ras Tea has played with Jimmy Cliff and bassist Junior MclcLear with Aswad, whilst singers Kali, Kate, Levy and Akiba backed The Wailers on their '97 tour.

Not unexpectedly The Good Morning babylones are a live band, complemented by a full horn section and led by singer/songwriter Hosny, whose urgent Marley-like remonstrations we'll assume deal with a mixture of roots and political themes.

As they're sung in French, I can't understand a word! Music like this shares similar aspirations to that of past British roots bands like Aswad, Steel Pulse and Black Roots. They too were heavily influenced by Marley and sought to make roots rock reggae for an international audience, relying on skanking, precise musicianship and Rasta polemics to carry them through.








Hosny: Clip 3D Day After Day
11/02/12 - par Reggae.fr

reggae-hosny.jpgHosny s'apprête à sortir son nouvel album en 2012. Il propose en exclusivité sur son site 3 nouveaux titres tirés de ce quatrième album à venir. Parmi eux, découvrez "Day After Day", qui fait même l'objet d'un clip en 3D!







Nouveaux titres de Hosny / Musique

Découvrez les nouveaux titres extrait du 4ème album de Hosny, qui sort courant 2012.  Son 1er album « Radical Fighters » (Jahmin'Records) déclenche la vague de reggae qui va déferler en France et sera classé dans les meilleures ventes en France et en Angleterre.  Son 2ème album « Unité Universelle » (Nocturne) et son 3e album « Rasta Rebel » (Nocturne) sont enregistrés entre Kingston, Jamaïque, et Paris, avec les Wailers, musiciens de Bob Marley. Découvrez ces nouveaux titres en avant-première et en exclusivité sur le site




17/05/11 - par Reggae.fr

Hosny: Nouveau single

Hosny: Nouveau single

Nous vous l'annoncions déjà il y a quelques mois, Hosny sortira prochainement son quatrième album, après avoir enregistré ses 3 premiers opus entre Paris et Kingston avec les Wailers, musiciens de Bob Marley.
Découvrez les nouveaux Titres du 4e album en exclusivité sur le site de l'artiste, et en avant-première le nouveau titre de Hosny "Day after day"!
Vous pouvez même les télécharger !




- Lundi 16 Mai - 15:43
Hosny "Day after day" extrait de son prochain album
HOSNY prépare son 4e album, qui sortira courant 2011, après avoir enregistré ses 3 premiers albums entre Paris et Kingston avec les Wailers, musiciens de Bob Marley.
Découvrez les nouveaux Titres du 4e album en exclusivité sur le site, et en avant-première le nouveau titre de Hosny "Day after day"



Avec trois albums à son actif Hosny revient avec son quatrième opus.
Il nous fait découvrir son nouveau single intitulé « La violence ». Un single électrique ou les guitares donne le ton, des paroles inspirés des évènements en Tunisie. Et une phrase à retenir : « la violence appel à la violence »




28/01/11 - par Reggae.fr
Hosny: Nouveau single
Comme nous vous l'avons déjà reporté, Hosny s'apprête à sortir son nouvel album. A la suite des évènements en Tunisie, celui-ci décide de nous faire partager un nouveau single, qui sera inclus dans le nouvel opus: "La Violence".
Vous pouvez l'écouter sur son site: http://www.hosnygoodmorningbabylones.com



Hosny Good Morning Babylones, bonnes nouvelles

21st janvier 2011
Planez sur la vague reggae qui déferle. Vous souhaitez connaître son instigateur ? Hosny Good Morning Babylones. Retenez ce nom, colportez-le, c’est du bon, du dansant… Le groupe prépare son nouvel et quatrième album dont vous pouvez écouter dès maintenant 3 extraits. Dont le dernier, « La violence » a été mis en ligne suite aux événements en Tunisie. Magnifique.




Chanson française : artistes reggae à surveiller !

20:36 lun 17 janvier 2011
Après "Rasta Rebel" sorti en 2007, HOSNY, auteur compositeur interprète, sort cette année son 4ème album. Valeur sûre du Reggae, il devrait sur cet opus faire retentir ses textes de paix, authentiques et modernes.




Hosny, le 4ème album bientôt dans les bacs

22/12/10 - par Reggae.fr

Vous vous souvenez peut-être de HOSNY, chanteur, auteur et compositeur français, ainsi que de son album sorti en 2007, "Rasta Rebel", sur lequel avaient notamment collaboré The Wailers. Vous retrouverez cet artiste courant 2011, avec la sortie de son 4ème album.
En attendant, vous pouvez déjà écouter ici 2 deux titres qui figureront sur le nouvel opus: "Libéré de Toi" et "Les Peuples Oubliés".



Après avoir enregistré 3 albums entre Kingston et Paris avec les Wailers (musiciens de Bob Marley), Hosny et son groupe Good Morning Babylones lancent un titre de son nouvel album, "les peuples oubliés" en exclusivité sur son site web.
Nous vous l'annoncions déjà il y a quelques mois, Hosny sortira prochainement son quatrième album, après avoir enregistré ses 3 premiers opus entre Paris et Kingston avec les Wailers, musiciens de Bob Marley.

Découvrez les nouveaux Titres du 4e album en exclusivité sur le site de l'artiste, et en avant-première le nouveau titre de Hosny "Day after day"!
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